Hello from Southern California!  We are: 

  • Virginia - Photographer/Stylist/Mother and all around organizer
  • Joshua - Videographer, Son In Law (but we don't hold that against him)
  • Samantha - Photographer and Artiste Exclusive, Daughter
  • Sydney - Videographer, Daughter
  • You can always reach VIRGINIA at 951.897.8732 and emailing us at info@modernvintagephotography.com

You'll get to meet some of us and if you're real lucky you will get to meet all of us! We love what we do especially when chocolate is involved. We are not just photographers. We are designers, stylists, crafters, music makers, knitters, painters, chefs, creating a beautiful life. We ladies have a special place in our heart for fashion and style. We love family, connections, and the stories that make up people's lives. We love the little details you've put into your life, your business, your big day and your home especially those quirky things that make you, your life and your love unique. We love to shoot film along with digital images and we make films as well.  From Australia to Maine, we're down for anything!

We want to tell YOUR story but we need your help. Are we right for you?

Do you aspire to live a creative lifestyle? Do you like breaking free from tradition? Do you love music, film, summer rain, wildflowers, color, fun patterns, spontaneous moments, home movies, creativity, simplicity, design that is vintage/modern/eclectic in nature? Do you love photography that tells a story and makes you FEEL something? If you love any and all of these things than I think we need to meet over coffee or drinks because you sound pretty great! Email us or drop us a line and we'll get together ASAP!